Dramatic Play Budget

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Mini Grant Proposal
4 Year old Class Dramatic Play Area

Goals of the Project
The goal of this project is to improve our dramatic play area within our 4 year old classroom so that the children will have a great learning environment. Objective
Dramatic play is central to children's healthy development and learning during their preschool years. It is one of the central ways children work through the important experiences in their lives. A young child's family and home are the biggest part of his or her world. The imitation of what happens there an in the world around them is the central focus of how children play. Children act out and explore the lives of people by acting out their work, their feelings, and their words. The benefits of play for children's intellectual growth are numerous. As children play out the situations in their lives (or in their pretend lives), they are met with situations they do not understand. As they approach the situations and attempt to make sense of them in the context of their own lives, they practice problem-solving skills and build new knowledge. Children grow physically as they rearrange (gross motor) the large elements (table, chairs, cradle, etc) of the interest area and as they manipulate (fine motor) contents (food boxes, dolls, clothes, and hats) of the interest area.

Project Description
By receiving a grant, we will add more variety to my dramatic play area by buying a kitchen set, kitchen toys, and some costumes for the children to dress-up. We intend to order my materials from Playtime Inc. Adding more materials to the dramatic play area will improve staff performance because we will have more opportunities to play with the children in a way that is both fun and promotes language and thinking. Project Budget

Description| Unit Cost| Quantity| Total|
Pretend & Play Combo Kitchen|  |  | $349.00|
Best-Buy Kitchen Play set|  |  | $29.99|
Fun time Career Costume|  |  | $265.00|
 |  |...
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