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Have you ever wondered where the origins of theatre began? It is a well-known fact that the earliest forms of drama were developed in Ancient Greek by philosophers interested in using entertainment for social and philosophical commentary. It is essential that young people are exposed to the earliest form of scripted drama as it provides a foundation for understanding dramatic styles and conventions which are the basis for all the theatre which followed. ‘Cloudstreet’ has won countless awards, including the National Book Council ward, the West Australian Premier’s Award and the Miles Franklin Literary Award for its inspiring and influential narrative. Winton began his writing of ‘Cloudstreet’ while staying in an apartment maintained by the Literature Board of the Australia Council in Paris to give Australian writers an opportunity to live in Europe. The plot of ‘Cloudstreet’ is about the two families, the Lambs and the Pickles. These two diverse families share a house after Sam Pickles inherits a home at 1 Cloud Street, but to financially support his family, is required to rent it out to the Lambs. The Pickles are lazy with the mother Dolly who is an alcoholic, while the Lambs are industrialist teetotallers. As time progresses the two families get closer and closer until Quick Lamb and Rose Pickles eventually marry, ultimately tying the bond. The story continues pans over two decades of the families triumphs and failures in their share house in Perth.

The play is set out in a non-realistic setting and focuses more sharing Winton’s own values and beliefs, specifically religion. The house that the two families share is inhabited by a spirit that of which is easily established due to Winton’s excellent imagery and wording. The non-realistic setting is ideal as it helps the young audience take in what they’re reading. If a teenager reads through a realistic book, they’re likely doing it for the story and they are easily immersed, a fiction book on the other hand...
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