The Wolverine Fastener Co.

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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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I.Point of View:
MBA Candidate

II.Statement of the Problem:

The dilemma of the MBA candidate on whether to compromise his principles or follow his direct instruction.


To be able to resolve business ethical compromises without prejudice to the company’s goal for survival.

IV.Areas of consideration:

1.Roger Gordon is a partner in The Wolverine Fastener Co. He gave an impression of being a dynamic businessman and is always in a hurry. His actions often created a frantic sense of disorganization in the office. He never refuses a potential money-making venture because he lacked the time to give it attention. At the time the company was following a downward track, Mr. Gordon decided to focus on one of the company’s large customer, Genchryfor or GCF, and concentrated on gaining an advantage on them. He resorted to calling the owner’s secretary who opens the quotes to know how much is the lowest quote 2.Edwin Andrews is also a partner in The Wolverine Fastener Co. He is the working partner of Mr. Gordon. The two men made all corporate decisions together, yet each was responsible for their own accounts, thus, in their day-to-day work they went their own way and seemed quite independent of each other. Mr. Andrews seemed to be well-aware of the help Mr. Gordon was getting from the owner’s secretary but never expressed any concern or objected to what Mr. Gordon was doing. 3.Mary Swoboda is the secretary of Mr. Robert Jacobs, the owner of the Genchryfor (GCF). She is a pleasant woman in her mid 20’s, very sharp and always eager to take care of any problems that may arise in her area. She was from a lower middle class suburb of Detroit 4.The MBA Candidate is an assistant to Mr. Gordon. His primary responsibility was to handle a number of the company’s smaller product accounts. While working in The Wolverine Fastener Co. he realized that there was a relationship between Mr. Gordon and Ms. Swoboda and understood its importance. One...
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