Mediocre but Arrogant Book Reivew

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Mediocre But Arrogant – Book Review
By Govinda Senapati.

Going through a humorous yet matter-of-fact account of life at a management school is exactly what someone joining a premier institute would need. Also, as for someone wanting to take a look back to his or her journey through the MBA life, Mediocre But Arrogant provides reminiscence to vibrant experiences.

Abhijit Bhaduri himself a student from Delhi University and Xavier Labor Relation Institute (XLRI) knows exactly how to narrate the protagonist “Abbey” life account. Many books on the same subject tend to introduce improbable events to souk the story. Abhijit Bhaduri, here, has used humor as a theme more than a tool for the book, which would keep the reader attached to the “mediocre” story that could be the life of any other MBA student. The term mediocre itself holds more than one meaning to me. In this context I would say it’s pointing to the simplicity of Abbey’s life. He has made fiction appear more realistic.

Mediocre But Arrogant was Abhijit Bhaduri’s definition of an MBA student through Abbey and the book is about how the definition changes throughout the 2 years of his life in a business school.The book isn’t just a description of life and experiences of a particular student in a business school, but is a deeper account on how Management Institute of Jamshedpur (XLRI) ,its faculty, fellow students and people from around the college and few from his personal life, have actually influence and directed Abbey’s life. Focus has been equally divided amongst all the stakeholders and every aspect of anything and everything that had an impact on Abbey’s life is vividly described.

Is seen that MIJ is described not merely as a college but an institution with “Magnificent” foundation story, influence of Tata, fame and status acquired over the years and specially father Hathaway. Father Hathaway, popularly known as Hatthi has been a guide, more like a pioneer in the world of management gurus. How...
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