The Dashman Company

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  • Published : April 16, 2010
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 Case Analysis:

I.                  SUMMARY
The Dashman Company was a large decentralized concern making many types of equipment for the armed forces of the United States. Late in 1940 the company faced increasing difficulty in securing certain essential raw materials. So Mr. Manson, the company’s president, appointed an experienced purchasing executive, Mr. Post as vice president in charge of purchasing to improve the situation. But there seems to be no improvement  

II.                THE PROBLEM
 High decentralization and its consequences


a.              People (name, job, title, age, facts related to the person)             1)    Mr. Manson, the company’s president 2)    Mr. Post, vice president
3)    Mr. Larson is Mr.Post’s assistant. 
 b.               Institutions (name, legal status, role)  The Dashman Company was a large concern making many types of equipment for the armed forces of the United States. It had over 20 plants, located in the central part of the country, whose purchasing procedures had never been completely coordinated.  

III.              CHRONOLOGY (establishing reverse time sequence - just the basic facts, first item being the most recent, most distant event - last)   During the next six weeks the head office received no notices from any plant that contracts were being negotiated. During the following weeks replies on the letters came from all except a few plants. Mr.Post dismissed the idea to visit the purchasing executives, as he had so many things to do at the head office that he could not get away for a trip. Larson suggested that, since Mr.Post had not met more than a few of the purchasing executives, to visit all of them and take the matter up with each of them personally. Mr. Post prepared a letter to be sent to the 20 purchasing executives of the company. Mr.Post showed the letter to Mr. Larson and invited his comments. One of...
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