Ethical Framework

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Ethical Framework
Fall 2007
Creating and defining my own ethical framework is essential in future success as a businessman, a leader, and a team player. As a business student, I have learned that it can be a very cut throat industry and in order to get ahead, at some point and ethical dilemma will undoubtedly be an obstacle I have to overcome. The way I handle these dilemmas can make or break my career; business ethics are a key part of earning and sustaining respect, trust, and a good rapport with both clients and competitors in your industry. Therefore a solid ethical framework is an important tool for me to have as a standard for handling these types of dilemmas so that I can grow successfully while staying true to myself and to those who follow me.

In order to be fully confident in my decisions, my framework must be based on what values I regard the highest. First and foremost, the base of my framework is the facts of the dilemma – make sure they are credible, but more importantly make sure you have them all. If I began the ethical decision making process without knowing all of the facts, all of the people involved, all of the options for acting and without knowing there is absolutely no way to rid yourself of the problem, then the rest of my framework would be irrelevant.

After establishing that all of the above are present, the rest of my framework is fueled by the personal values that I believe make me the successful, trustworthy, and respected leader that I strive to be. First and foremost, as a respectful leader who values loyalty and a solid work ethic, I ask who will this decision harm? With a small business background in which teamwork, trust, and loyalty create a successful working environment, it is important that this decision not negatively affect someone who has been so loyal and essential to our team or the organization. Then I must decide whether the benefit of this decision will out weight significantly the harmful effects it...
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