The Way You Speak

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Yelling, making snarly comments, talking in what as well be a different language to most people are just parts of the way you speak. Depending on the situation you are going to speak differently. If you are at Work, with your friends, or with your family more than likely you talk almost as a different person.

At work you should be acting professional and speaking in a more proper way. Using more of a “Yes sir” way of speaking is the way to talk. However different jobs would call for a certain way to talk. My job for example isn’t very formal or even professional. I work with people I’ve known for years, so I really don’t change the way I talk unless customers are around; then I become a completely different person. I become a cheerful, nice, and talkative person which isn’t really me at all.

Loud, offensive, funny, rude, or downright wrong more than likely you’re talking with your friends. The things you say around your friends might seem mean to other people but to you and your friends it’s normal to you. For example, with my friends we say things that seem stupid and out of context to most people but to us it makes perfect sense. Every group of friends is going to speak differently, completely informal for the most part. If your family is anything like mine, nothing is off limits. I talk almost the exact same to my family as I do with my friends. Maybe less swearing, but virtually the same language. Unless I’m around my grandparents then I turn into a kid again and don’t say anything they wouldn’t approve of.

Obviously every situation calls for different language, whether it be talking to someone new, your friends and family, or your boss. Every way is going to be different from the last. Friends and family usually don’t care how you talk, but your boss is a completely different story.
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