The Waterview Case Report

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The Waterview Case Report
Located on the waterfront property of a premier resort, The Waterview snack bar had been the leading tourist destination in the Muskoka District of Northern Ontario for decades. Along time employee Michael Welland – who was recently promoted to snack bar supervisor – had a few heated arguments with his manager Rebecca Boddington. The arguments revolved around: Boddington assigning Michael to tasks that weren’t in his job description; paying him less than he was promised when he was promoted; and not taking the time to address his job-related problems and concerns. Welland was convinced that his manager held a personal grudge against him. He hated working at The Waterview and wasn’t sure if he should finish the remaining four weeks of his contract. There were obvious issues with the organization processes, individuals and tasks at The Waterview snack bar. Welland arrived to start work at the snack bar as supervisor, to his dismay; Boddington assigned him to work as a part-time server. To add insult to injury, when Welland received his first paycheque, he was shocked to find out that he was paid at the minimum pay rate. On a later occasion, while reviewing the employee timetable, Welland found out that Boddington had taken him off the schedule for the following weeks. These incidents led to a conflict between Boddington and Welland. Welland and Boddington’s mannerisms were unprofessional, to say the least. Boddington always gave Welland the cold shoulder every time he approached her with a problem or concern. She often told him that she did not have time to address his issues. This kind of employee attitude is a recipe for an unhealthy and unproductive work environment. The cause of the above mentioned problems can be attributed to the lack of communication between management and employees. Welland grew frustrated with the way Boddington treated him. His frustration manifested in the way he behaved. With Boddington’s indifference to...
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