Regulator Review Commission

Topics: Milk, Ranking, Bartender Pages: 4 (1408 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Regulatory Review Commission (RRC) is a government department. The Southern Steakhouse in Hamilton west, Ontario is a part of a multi-national restaurant chain. The restaurant had been in financial difficulty generating low revenues. This caused head office to replace the management and fired a number of staff. To help increase productivity and profit, a new evaluating system has been implemented. A conflict between two employees, Michelle Rhodes, a server, and Barbara Taber, a bartender, has resulted in slow service of the waitress, furthermore, a glass of milk being served with a lemon wedge in it. This conflict is significant and the decisions that must be made by the manager either fire Taber or Rhodes. Problems

Michelle Rhodes was on her first year at Richard Ivey School of Business in London, Ontario. She had worked as a waitress throughout high school and her first year of university. She had excellent experience and references. She was hired and skipped the extensive three-week training program. Barbara Taber was one of the long-time employees that remained at the restaurant after the employee abolition. She had worked four years as a bartender at the restaurant. And she also had 2 years experience as a server. Taber’s duties are serving the patrons who sat at the bar and making all drinks for the servers. Taber never chat with new employees unless it is necessary. At the end of June, Maxim and Shult the new managers of Hamilton-west Southern Steakhouse announced the sales figure which included a ranking system to determine the staff earlier performance. Rhodes got the first out of fifteen, but Taber got the tenth. In early July, Rhodes got negative comments about her slow services which she could not do anything about it. She served the food and the drinks as soon as they had been prepared, especially the speed of drink providing by the bartender slowed her down. On Saturday July 13th, Rhodes noticed that other surrounding tables had been...
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