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Topics: Trade union, Employment, Privatization Pages: 8 (2489 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Case Analysis Rubric HRMT295
Name: Andrew Robinson
Xuan Ngo
Shi Zhang
Bernard Dublois
Instructor:Leanne Floden
Date: 21 September, 2012
Title of Case:


I, Marion Forbes the recently appointed senior human resources manager at Hallington Utilities Services (HUS), am facing with a dilemma; work out HR strategies with the Organizations mission and handle employee’s issues and concerns. HUS has made changes due external and internal factors encountered in the market as well as the new regulations happening within the sector. All are very complicated and my main issues are privatizing, downsizing, unionization, motivation, training and compensation. With the information collected, I need to figure out some solutions and implement them, while becoming aligned with the Organizations mission.

Problem Statement

The most exposed Issue we can see throughout this organization is lack of communication, and little planning initiatives. This created a misalignment between the Strategy and Employee Focus. Analysis

Organization position
Overview company- Current issues
As the organization background and current issues generally have, the two points, privatization and downsizing have been strongly addressed by CEO John, so I will leave them to the following analysis. I will focus on analysis the problem of competitive changes. “In a significant change of business, Hallington had begun offering retail products to the public as well as delivering regular hydro services.” With the recent move to a more competitive environment, there was concern that HUS would face major restructuring and reorientation challenges. Privatization

While speaking with Mr. Swatridge I have realized that he is very focused on the short term goals such as finding a way to increase revenue and cut costs while exploring every option available. According to John “Managers maybe worrying about downsizing and union drives, I think these are really small potatoes in comparison with the major impact of globalization and privatization.” While John may be right he is not decisive and in order to make goals for his employees attainable he has to make a decision. Nearing the end of our discussion John and I had a few minutes to cover what the department heads were saying when they looked at the new administrative tasks. For example Jim Wong brought up that purchasing has the difficult job of buying commodities while this job was previously outsourced to Ontario Hydro. Privatizing is proving to be a difficult move internally because all the departments are experiencing similar issues and no one has the skills or abilities to fall back on if the transition is made. Downsizing

While John and I moved onto the next topic of downsizing, again he was not able to come to a conclusive decision regarding what is to be done with our staff and where our inefficiencies are stemming from. I was impressed by the focus groups and not surprised that job security was of great concern and it made sense that most employees thought there was lack of planning. This could derive from amount of confusion made in deciding which path to take and as for lost efficiencies staff might be preoccupied with potential job loss. At the end of Johns meeting I wondered if he had thought about the KSA’s that our staff currently holds. If privatizing means expanding than keeping our potential cash cows could be useful if our strategy goes awry. According to our Benchmarked staff power generated ratio we were above average, while there is nothing wrong with trimming the fat let’s not throw away our talent. Unionization

Least of Swatridge’s concerns fell in unionization he felt that in the past they had done such a great job of keeping employees happy that a union never crossed their minds. However he realized that this was a rare occurrence in the industry and blamed concern of privatization and downsizing which led to issues of job...
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