The Sub-Systems of Human Resource Development

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  • Published : September 28, 2012
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A well designed HRD programme should have the following sub-systems: Performance Appraisal: Performance appraisal is the process of determining how well a worker is performing his job. It provides a mechanism for identification of qualities and deficiencies observed in an employee in relation to his job performance. The object of appraisal is to determine the present state of efficiency of a worker in order to establish the actual need for training. The process of performance appraisal consists of: • Setting standards for performance

• Communicating the standard to the employees
• Measuring the performance
• Comparing the actual performance with the standards set Potential Appraisal: Potential appraisal provides necessary data which helps in preparing career plans for individuals. It aims at development of latent abilities of individuals. The HRD function has a long way to go in introducing a streamlined potential appraisal system which ensures a good match between the employees and the job.

Feedback Counseling: Feedback of performance data can be used to monitor individual development and for identifying training needs. Career counseling and verbal rewards are integral parts of review discussions between the superior and the subordinate. Counseling serves several purposes in any organization. It helps in strengthening the superior and subordinate relationship, helps the executives to understand the limitation of his seniors and problems of his juniors improves communication, thereby facilitating quality decision, helps employees in recognizing their strengths and weakness and also help evaluate the impact of their decisions and so on.

Training: Training is a process that involves the acquisition of skills, concepts and attitudes in order to increase the effectiveness of employees in doing particular jobs. Training is expected to provides the needful stimulus to initiate impulses of changes in management and to improve...
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