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Topics: Resistor, Multimeter, Electrical resistance Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: April 16, 2013


Practical #1 – Measure Electrical Resistance

Topic – Measure the Resistance using Analogue & Digital Multimeter

Objective – Familiarize and learn how to use Multimeter

* Resistor -10
* Digital Multimeter
* Analogue Multimeter
* Breadboard

Circuit Diagram

Block Diagram

NO| Components/Colour code| Rated Value| Measured Value| Measured Value| | | | AnalogueMeter| DigitalMeter|
1| Brown, Black, Red, Gold| 1,0,102=1,000| 100x10=1,000| 0.992 kΩ| 2| Brown, Orange, Red, Gold| 1,3,102=1,300| 120x10=1,200| 1.309 kΩ| 3| Red, Purple, Brown, Gold| 2,7,101=270| 24x10=240| 265 Ω| 4| Red, Red, Red, Gold| 2,2,102=2,200| 200x10=2,000| 2.166 kΩ| 5| Brown, Red, Red, Gold| 1,2,102=1,200| 110x10=1,100| 1.189 kΩ| 6| Grey, Red, Red, Gold| 8,2,102=8,200| 5.5x1k=5.5k| 08.07 kΩ| 7| Brown, Black, Orange, Gold| 1,0,103=10,000| 7x1k=7k| 09.93 kΩ| 8| Green, Blue, Red, Gold| 5,6,102=5,600| 3x1k=3k| 05.55 kΩ| 9| Yellow, Purple, Red, Gold| 4,7,102=4,700| 2.3x1k=2.3k| 04.66 kΩ| 10| Red, Black, Red, Gold| 2,0,102=2,000| 180x10=1,800| 1.976 kΩ|

Comments : First, we must know what is the color code of the resistor and then we find the answer by checking it with the analogue meter or the digital meter. We also need to know how to find the color coding example black is equal to 0 and brown is equal 1 etc.. So, that’s how we going to find the rated value.

Conclusions : About the practical, at first it does look very hard but it wasn’t that hard. It was good and as simple as that.

Procedure 1) Prepare the tools/equipment to be used 2) Measure the resistance of the resistors given
3) Record the reading in the table provided
Compare the reading value of Digital and Analogue...
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