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Topics: Stupidity, World Universities Debating Championship, English-language films Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Prompt 2
I was the joke that should never have signed up.
My junior year of high school, according to several of my trust worthy teachers, should be rigorous and competitive if I ever wanted a chance to get into college. Naturally, being a gullible fool, I signed up for two AP classes, an honor class, and a sport. As a sport I chose wrestling, it was very time consuming but I knew I could manage. I felt pretty confident about AP biology and Algebra 2 honors since they were subjects I was fairly skilled in. but as for my other AP course, AP language and Composition, I was a bit uneasy.

Throughout the first semester I excelled in biology and algebra but, as predicted I lagged in AP Lang. My fellow classmates would receive 91%’s and 85%’s and I’d hide my 75%s. The AP Lang teacher, Dr. Mike Mikulics, was never afraid of being frank with any of his students and would call people stupid. I also fell into this category but I just brushed off his hostility. One day though, Dr. Mikulics went off topic and said to the class, “You knew I think the most stupid, idiotic, and brain dead people on campus are wrestlers, wait are any of you wrestlers?” I raised my hand. “You see ‘he’ proves my point.” A few weeks later I hear from several people “Damn! Mikulics really bagged on you. He said, ‘Let’s all start a charity to get enough money to buy Delan a new brain.’” These insults I couldn’t brush off.

I had become the class joke for all the AP Lang classes.
The second semester began and so too did a new wave of mockery. “Okay class, I’m going to have you all write a twenty page research paper on any controversial topic you’d like. Oh and for any of you looking for extra credit just help Delan.” I took up the monumental task of not only writing the paper but also showing Mikulics what I was capable of. After spending countless, grueling hours and days on my paper I turned it in. and waited for the results. All around I heard, “Man, I got a 400/500,” “I got a 350/500,” I...
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