The Sisters Brothers

Topics: Sleep, Guilt, Sibling Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Blake Reynolds
Barbara Morris
Forms of Literature
November 28th 2012

Rumored by many, known to few living, Charlie and Eli Sisters are notorious for their trade stories of murder and ruthlessness. The brothers are introduced to a life of dismay early in life when Charlie, the eldest brother has his hand forced, killing his father who is an abusive and dangerous man, deserving of the punishment. Charlie then grows into a man unfit to emotionally deal with conflict, with force being his only rebuttal to confrontation. Due to his stone like heart and Eli’s desire to protect him, the brothers fall into the lives of hit men, given contracts by a man know only as The Commodore which causes them both mental and physical strain. As the two travel to California to complete a contract to kill Herman Kermit Warm, they stop at a town, meeting a tailor and shopkeeper- an honest man able to sleep clear of conscience. Although the brothers actively participate in their profession, and Eli is primarily the one concerned about his morality, both brothers feel a degree of guilt, creating a heavy conscience and a want for a new life.

The brothers are confronted with the idea of conscience when Eli states that shop-keeping “struck [him] as a restful industry. [He’d] wager that old man sleeps well at night”(50). Eli is concerned with the idea of a good night’s sleep being associated with a clear conscience. Charlie asks Eli earnestly “Do you not sleep well at night?”(50) which is answered with a certain no. The serious tone of Charlie’s question shows his concern for his younger brother’s conscience. Eli then goes on to tell Charlie that he, in fact, does not sleep like a stone as he claims and that he groans while he sleeps, showing an weary rest. Charlie shrugs this off in a cool manner but shows concern as his brother notices him trying to formulate another question. The joy left Charlie’s face, showing distress for both himself and his brother. However, he does not...
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