The Fabulous Button Sisters

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Control Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: May 22, 2013
The Fabulous Button Sisters

In this short story we hear about Karen. She is a teenage girl going to school. She had a best friend in her class, Connie, but when Connie turned sick with fever, at the same time as a new girl, Michelle, started in the class. Karen realized at the moment Michelle walked into the class, that she was going to be her best friend. And so it all happened. Michelle was a type a girl who would like to control and wanted to be heard. Michelle was living with her aunt, because her mom was trying to make a breakthrough in Hollywood as a celebrity, and couldn’t have Michelle with her, because she was very young when she had Michelle and she would lose her status if she had hers kid with her. When Karen’s former best friend came back from her sick leave Michelle had made Karen her best friend-. Karen still wanted to be friend with Connie, but not in the same way as before- At the same time Micelles was making a booking to every party at the club and helped Karen to get style. They turned in to be the “Fabulous Button Sisters”. Later Michelle had decided that they were going to dress up as buttons. Karen in brown and Michelle in white- Michelle said to Karen that all they had to do were to go to America were Micelles mom was living. Karen’s parents were getting worried because of the influence Michelle had on her. She seemed fading away said the parents. Michelle kept controlling Karen. The next step was a diet to get a good shape, which was an idea from one of her aunt’s magazines. Now it was time for the 2 girls to show the city the “Fabulous button Sisters”. Michelle called Karen’s home and said that he was by the corner in ten minutes, but when Karen came to the corner, she could see that Michelle didn’t have the clothes on which they have agreed on. The first Michelle said was that her mom wanted her to join her. Karen didn’t answer at once because she was confused about Micelles outbreak; she thought that she was going with her to the...
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