Mother and Twin Brothers Eli

Topics: Mother, Für Elise, Truth Pages: 3 (737 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Characters Analysis in Carrie
Mac’s The Droughtlanders

Colton Dunham


In The Droughtlanders, by Carrie Mac, Twin brothers Eli and Seth, both Keylanders, live inside a privileged and protected city surrounded by huge walls to protect them from the filthy, sick Droughlanders. Eli’s mother teaches him to view Droughtlanders sympathetically and Eli changes his opinion about them. As a result Eli joins a rebellion group against the Keylands. Initially Seth is furious about Eli’s decision and attempts to hunt Eli and kill him but ultimately realizes the truth and joins his brother. At the beginning Eli and Seth have a bitter hate for each other which intensifies due to their different view points regarding the Droughtlanders. In the end, they make up and the hate they had between them fades away. Right from the start Eli and Seth do not get along, this relationship soon turns into hate and distrust between them. Near the end Seth also changes his mind about Droughtlanders and they get along.

From the beginning Eli and Seth dislike each other because of Seth’s constant harassment. Seth is constantly making harsh jokes about Eli’s bladder problem, “do you have to sit down like a girl?” (36). This quote shows how Seth bullies Eli. Seth and Eli get in a lot of fights and Seth says mean thinks like “If father wasn’t in the room I’d kick your face in” (44). Seth bullies Eli because he thinks that he is weak and pathetic. After getting in yet another fight Seth says to Eli “You really are a baby. Get a diaper, Eliza” (55). Eli hates Seth’s bullying and they never get along. They have always had a poor relationship, but it becomes worse once Eli sympathizes with the Droughtlanders.


Seth and Eli’s relationship and distrust gets even worse. When the explosion goes off where their mother is, Eli cries “Maman. She was in there, Seth” (45). Eli had a very strong connection with his mom, but Seth not so much. Eli tells Seth how...
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