Child and the Mother

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Child And the Mother
Child’s first teacher
No one needs to explain that parents are the best teacher of their child. As a parents no doubt you have great responsibility and many risks but still nobody can doubt your abilities. No one can understand your child better than YOU. Therefore you are your child’s first and best teacher to make them understand the things around them or what is happening with them for the first time. There are different stages in your child’s life like learning, understanding and executing the things. First thing that child learns is to give and take LOVE, to feel secure , curious to learn different things happening with him, to fulfill his/her demands and to live happily. At the same time your child develops his intellectual, emotional and social understanding. Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Parenting is process of raising a child rather than the biological relationship. This is very exciting, fascinating and interesting period in your and your child’s life. You interact with your child in different ways. Like every parent you might also be concerned about your child’s well being and his development with respect to every aspect. Whether he is responding properly or not, you just want to know everything very soon with satisfactory results. You always want to know whether your child is happy or not; or is there anything that you can do to make your child feel happy. This is the stage when you are too much concern about his health and well being. This is also the time when you start training your child about day to day activities in your child’s life and challenges. You impart your child with your family value’s and society norms and above all your relation with your child. There is definitely no substitute for YOU therefore there is great influence of your character on your child’s personality. Due to modernization...
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