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Authors note and Introduction| 1|
Fertilization| 2|
Conception| 3|
What not to do when pregnant| 4|
Preparation before baby| 5|
Pregnancy stages| 6|
Going into labor and giving birth| 7|
How to deal with a newborn| 8|
Expenses towards newborn babies| 9|
Parenting styles| 10|
Types of families| 11|
What’s next| 12|
Authors note and Introduction

Everybody asks about babies, and there is so many things to list it would not be possible for me to cover all the topics in a conversation. The book ‘Everything You Need To Know About Babies’ is an excellent book regarding to teenagers and young adults that want to be prepared for when they have their own baby, to understand what kind of struggles they will face on a daily basis, and most importantly what is happening inside their body. This book will either excite you towards children or make you re-think if you are ready to have children or not. It will focus on not only how babies are being formatted and developed, but all the stress and costs to go through. By writing and selling this book I am not trying to achieve a noble prize, I just want to make a lot of things clear to the people that are not 100% sure of what the defination of parenting is. In the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of parenting is stated “The rearing of children” “The state of being a parent; parenthood.” Even though the definitions are correct, I would disagree and would like to elaborate of the topic of parenting. It is more work than all you humans who have not attained children yet. Therefore, here I am writing this book on my belief about everything important to parenting.

My name is Alina Kvaterko, I am here writing a book on everything you need to know about babies. I thought that a book like this would help a lot of mothers and even fathers to be more ready, and understand what is expected to come. A lot of people also give birth whenever and they don’t go over the facts if they are ready and even healthy to have a child. This book is the key to figure everything out and plan everything, and change a lot of thing in your life to make sure you are ready. I was inspired to write this book because along time ago, when I was still in highschool I took a course called parenting, where I learned everything about kids, and got more into serious into thinking about what a child actually is. I know there is a lot of teen moms out there, and they truly know how hard it can be. Most teenagers don’t understand what kind of a responsibilty to raise a child is and hopefully after they read the entire book they will understand and be more safe about having unprotected sex.

Now here is by book about all about babies, and here is me, the author, Alina Kvaterko


Early signs of pregnancy are shown for you to understand that you are fertilizing. The first and obvious sign that you are pregnant if for you to know you have missed your period. There are other indications of pregnancy, such as tender breasts, nausea, bloating and food cravings, but they do not specifically represent that you are pregnant. After you have checked if you are pregnant, you would know fertilization is occurring. Human fertilization is the union of a humanoid egg and sperm. This occurs in the ampulla of the uterine tube. This production leads to a zygote, commonly known as a fertilized egg. The process of fertilization involves a sperm fusing with an ovum. The most common sequence begins with the men ejaculating during intercourse into the women’s vagina. Fertilization does not occur quickly because there are millions of sperm cells trying to reach that egg and there is a long path to get into. Having unprotected sex does not mean you will get pregnant 100%, but it is very likely, imagine it like a race, you have about thousands...
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