The Role of New Media

Topics: Media, Communication, Democracy Pages: 5 (1367 words) Published: May 26, 2013
By: Miriam Gutierrez Marlene Mendoza.

In the following test was given to determine the characteristics of the media that preceded the digital age, with the intent to better understand the workings of technology and communication and semiotic processes involved. Are explained through a historical context theories accompanied by recognized experts in the field. Martin Barbero and Néstor García Canclini us to understand democratization in the past decades, to make way for the research of Manuel Castells Carlos Scolari and trying to understand and form a functionalist theory of what we experience today and everyday. Keywords: Culture, Consumption, Democratization, Digital, Technology, Users, Social Networking.


Since the industrial revolution had not experienced a period so hectic and full of changes in the form of human life, such as those that have occurred in the last two decades. With the rise of radio as entertainment and sales model, was created an industry that transferred the territorial and cultural barriers in the world, with its development and the arrival of the dream factory: Television. After spending time, communication theory, that suggested the process sender / message / receiver were not enough to explain what was happening with the change of habit that caused television. So researchers and students of social phenomena and media, taking into account communications and political semiotics these media generated and carry its existence.

Martin Barber, after study of the media in the 70's, calls these as a tool in the service of the oligarchy that runs, meddling with governments, lack of popular participation. For the next decade, with all the changes in the regimes of South America and Europe - alluding to Chile and Germany in particular - is assumed, states, representing a popular role for alleged "experts" setting a semiotic change which examines preliminary facts communication, centralizing public opinion.

Barber, in his study includes an assessment of the TV, providing the melodramas modify and control the life of society in Latin America, although this study is very lacking. As for 1987 Televicentro already crowned as one of the producers, exporters and creators of a consumption model that goes beyond the barriers of culture and centrality Barbero both studies, but then South America still lacks powers on TV - Talking to were still booming TVN process, Snail, Venevision and STVC. - After the state of the world, Barber (2009, p.4) states, "What comes into play now is not the imposition of an economic model, but the" jump "to the internationalization of a political model" while neo capitalism television allows consolidation as the primary means of comunicación.El FTA and the creation of the euro zone, leading to García Canclini, match Barbero and affirm: "Culture is a multinational assembly process, that any citizen anywhere in the world can read and use "raising the diversification of the world.

He also realizes that the longer historical identity, no longer represent a generation or think what you wear, but what you eat. Affirmation that the media world takes to launch a new model in television, laying the groundwork for what we live today, for Garcia C. (1987) states that we are-Latin America-underdeveloped endogenous production (television), but not consumption-already showing that the transnational model worked perfectly, lower costs and increase profits with models such as MTV, CNN between others. After the emergence of the Internet García Canclini proposes four cultural circuits, two major "mass communication" - which includes traditional media and "restricted systems", where technological devices converge with communication systems. Unexpectedly today, will require these elements to communicate, where these two items come together to bring us into a new era as consumers.

Now, it may seem imperceptible...
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