New Media: Advantages and Disadvantages

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Advantages of New Media
There are many advantages of new media, we can check twitter and facebook and other new media from our phones. We no longer need to wait for the morning newspaper because of the internet, also we have television that broadcasts news 24 hours a day. We can call people using skype for free using the Internet. More ways of communicating now because of the smartphones. You can create media by creating your own blog. We can see that new media is available everywhere and it has control over us because of the amount of hours we spend on it a day.

Disadvantages of New Media
There are many disadvantages to new media, we spend a lot of our time on social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. that we don’t interact with other people at work or school and home. spreading of news on the internet is very fast and it very hard to stop. You also can meet bad people like Paedophiles and stalkers that use new media to meet their pray, new media was the most part in the riots of the Arab spring . The people in the riots took pictures and posted them on the likes of Twitter and Facebook. We have no privacy online anymore any picture we post of ourselves are on the Internet for good it’s not safe for us to put any valuable information online because someone could steal your identity online and use your credit card. Now a days the internet controls us and it can be dangerous for those who put information online for people to look and steal.
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