Television Role in Preserving American Values During the Cold War

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Television Role In Preserving American Values During The Cold War

After World War II, technology was advancing and converting from military orientation to more consumer based companies. One of the new technology devices that were introduced to American consumers was television. American television in the 1940’s and 1950’s became a link marvel between Americans, podcasting news, shows, and movies. American television during the 1940’s and the 1950’s played a major rule in preserving American social values and it became an effective tool for politicians and the government goals and agendas. Television keept the American culture and values untouched by promoting television shows that confronted Communism, homosexuality, a long with promoting religious shows that preserved American’s morals and traditions.

The danger of Communism spread in the United Sates was a major concern for many politicians and citizens in the United Sates of America. It was Joseph Raymond McCarthy, a republican senator born in 1908 in Wisconsin from Irish-Catholic roots, who took the lead in confronting and fighting Communism. After McCarthy was elected as a senator for Wisconsin in 1947 he started issuing lists that includes Americans with any kind of relation to the Communist party. McCarthy was the Chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigation of the Government Operations Committee of the U.S Senate.   McCarthy’s actions against Communism became a movement during the cold war called “McCarthyism”. The movement was targeting any American that would consider a threat to the United States national security. In the House, The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC), an investigative committee belongs the House of Representatives, was responsible for the investigations toward citizens that have a relationship with the Communist party. Names of American spies and agents of the Communist army were visible announced to the public by Individuals, Organizations, and the media; For Instance, Sen. McCarthy’s, the HUAC, Red Channels, American Business Consultants, and AWARE. Inc. Many Companies, firms, and government institutions took these names and add them to their black list in a phenomenon that became known as “blacklisting”, the practice of refusing to hire or terminating from employment an individual whose opinions or associations are deemed politically inconvenient or commercially troublesome”    Many people, who were blacklisted, were employees working for television and film industry in Hollywood. In 1950 the Red Channels issued a list of 151 Americans tied to Communism, among those names was Philip Loeb, an American stage, film, and television actor famous for his role in a Jewish comedy show on CBS called “The Goldberg’s”. Loeb was accused for being a member of the communist party. CBS didn’t welcome him in the show, even though they didn’t publicly announce that. The Senate Security Subcommittee called Loeb for further investigation; Furthermore, agents of the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, were in the hearing describing him as “concealed communist” who “has always followed the communist party line and continues to do so until this day [June 2, 1951]”. Loeb denied the accusation stating that he has never been a member of the communist party. Philip Loeb was dismissed from the “The Goldberg’s”, and on August 1955 the FBI released statement stating that Loeb is innocent and that he does not have any relation with communist party. A week after the statement, Loeb checked in a hotel and committed suicide by overdosing sleeping drugs. One of the most remarkable Television show of all times was “I Love Lucy”, a CBS show considered to be “the first breakout television show that was brazenly multicultural, and emphatically female-driven”. Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnez were the stars of I love Lucy show, appearing as Lucy Ricardo, and Ricky Ricardo. The show was a...
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