The Review About the Effect of Self-Regulated Learning Processes in E-Learning Environment in Organizational Settings

Topics: Learning, Skill, E-learning Pages: 5 (1479 words) Published: March 21, 2013

This title was about how the employees’ deals with the online job training are and what the e-learning outcomes are. Those authors’ methods in this article provides context-relevant insights into online training providers and employees themselves and the results were suggest that employees adopt different kind of self-regulated learning strategies which produced different e-learning outcomes. In addition, the functions of self-regulated learning strategies are affected by individual factors such as virtual competence and goal orientation, and job and contextual factors such as intellectual demand and cooperative norms. This article’s findings help those e-learners acquired better learning outcomes through their positive use of varied learning strategies, provide beneficial information for organizations that are currently implement or plan to implement the e-learning for their employees’ training, and inform software designers to integrate the self-regulated learning strategy support in e-learning system design and development. Nowadays, many of the employees’ skill were become outdated due to the high rate evolution of the innovation technology. Those organizations were needed to more focus on developing the internal capabilities by providing vary of job preparation and training. Moreover, the growing of employees in finding learning opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills to deal with new era of advanced technology working area. Many corporate training programs need to restructure the content of training faster because that content will outdate in a short time. Those training and learning management are became more and more complicated. To overcome those problems, the development of e-learning has used as a cost-effective approach to bring up the training to large number of employees in global. Furthermore, e-learning already extended from skill training to common business skill training. However, even through those organizations were put in a lot of investments to e-learning technologies, but they failed to gain back the expected benefits from e-learning. This was because the information research most were focus only the technology design aspects of e-learning but less focus on how the psychological processes affect the employees’ e-learning results.

Literature Review
In this article, authors were achieve the understanding of e-learning processes by linking the self-regulating learning in educational psychology and e=learning in information system research. They focus on how the person affect their learning outcome by their different kinds of e-learning processes and how the self-regulating learning influenced the person in individual and contextual factors salient within a business context.

They also contribute to the research of e-learning on organization’s employees’ self-regulated learning processes in job training and examine the implications of different types of self-regulated learning processes affected the three learning outcomes which were cognitive outcomes, affective outcomes, and skill-based outcomes if those e-learning processes were applied to the employees.

In addition, some research were suggested that how self-regulated learning enhance the learning outcome but without define out what motivation affect the learning outcome in the processes. Those authors were tried to find out the potential factors that affect the learners to utilize the self-regulated learning strategies.

After the investigation, the authors find out that the learner were actively associated the personal self-regulated strategies with skill and cognitive based outcomes but if using social self-regulated strategies, they only actively associated with affective and cognitive outcome.

The results for personal self-regulated learning strategies show that learners were success in gain the knowledge and developed their own skill. However, learners were not satisfy with the...
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