The Relationship of Engagement and Job Satisfaction in Working Samples

Topics: Organizational studies and human resource management, Industrial and organizational psychology, Applied psychology Pages: 26 (7887 words) Published: February 5, 2013
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The Journal of Psychology: Interdisciplinary and Applied
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The Relationship of Engagement and Job Satisfaction in Working Samples Gene M. Alarcon & Joseph B. Lyons
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Air Force Research Laboratory Version of record first published: 18 Jul 2011.

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The Journal of Psychology, 2011, 145(5), 463–480

The Relationship of Engagement and Job Satisfaction in Working Samples GENE M. ALARCON JOSEPH B. LYONS Air Force Research Laboratory

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ABSTRACT. The present study explored the factor structure of engagement and its relationship with job satisfaction. The authors hypothesize that work engagement comprises 3 constructs: vigor, dedication, and absorption. Using structural equation modeling, the authors analyze data from 3 archival data sets to determine the factor structure of engagement. In addition, they examine the hypothesis that engagement and job satisfaction are separate but related constructs, using structural equation modeling and hierarchical regression. The authors test models in which engagement and job satisfaction items loaded onto a single latent variable and 1 in which they loaded onto 2 separate variables. Results from the confirmatory factor analysis indicate engagement has 3 factors. In addition, confirmatory factor analysis and hierarchical regressions indicate engagement and job satisfaction are separate constructs. Last, hierarchical regressions demonstrated the constructs have different relationships with the areas of work–life scale. Implications for theory and research are discussed. Keywords: construct validity, engagement, job satisfaction

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY HAS ENJOYED AN INCREASING EMPHASIS in the organizational literature in the past decade, with particular emphasis given to engagement. Engagement is defined as a positive relationship with one’s work characterized by a sense of meaning, competence, and impact (Macey & Schneider, 2008). Research on the topic has burgeoned from the burnout literature. Originally thought of as the antithesis of burnout, research has demonstrated it is indeed a separate construct from burnout (Demerouti, Bakker, Nachreiner, & Schaufeli, 2001). In addition, research has also differentiated work engagement from organizational commitment and job involvement (Hallberg & Schaufeli, 2006). However, despite criticisms that work engagement may simply be...
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