The Relationship Between China and India

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Democratic India, Communist China
As we known, the administration of the government is important to social improvement, economic, political policy and Gross Domestic Product for a state. Moreover, I can affect the position of a state to the world. First, let me introduce the situations of contemporary China and India. It is clearly that depending on the high growth economy, the power of China nowadays can shake the world. And there are over 40% world’s populations are the citizens of China and India. And China and India learn from advanced countries, such as USA, Japan and United Kingdom. China is the factory of the world and India becomes global corporations of search activities. They select suitable models and principles of governance from other successful countries, after Second World War ended, China was behind India. And China‘s infrastructure and population were attacked by the Japanese occupation from 1937 to 1945. There have been reforms put into place over the last twenty years, which have helped the country to become more outstanding in importing and exporting, and overseas business. After the Communist establishment in 1949, China adopted the system of governance and economic policies of the Soviet Union. For India, it was the colonization of England before 1947, after independent started a good system of governance and many top-class institutions appeared. India’s governance leaders determined to reform but the Indian government didn’t follow it coordinately. Moreover, the democracy made India policies less firm and changed frequently. There have been reforms put into place over the last twenty years. However, contemporary India’s growth rate is about 7%, and has obviously reduced the amount of poverty. The main industries continue to grow, which can give more residents the opportunity to have stable employment and provide the need for their families. China, the economically more backward country in 1950, caught up with India and has better comment than India in several sectors. Now let me conclude their public institutions and governance regimes.

About economy
India has made critical use of globalization – maybe more so even than China – to restructure its economy and leverage growth. But globalization can also cause large parts of the population to be marginalized. A well-defined and tax reform can push the economic growth of the country to greater development. Otherwise, it can cause the whole economy to fall apart. In the 90’s China had a complicated tax system. There were municipal sales taxes and provincial border taxes. Obviously, it was difficult for developing economic. In order to fit the new situation, China tax system undertook a series of reforms and improvements. The first tax reform was between 1970’s to 1990’s, the main task of the tax system reform was to break the original tax system, and to build the new tax system. And the second was after 1994, by imposing a single Value Added tax on manufactured goods, at that time China has made tax collection efficient and effective. China provided adjustment tax of state enterprise, enterprise of collective ownership income tax and private business income tax. In order to improve individual income distribution, government also introduced personal income tax and individual income adjustment tax. And it also introduced income tax of urban, rural individual industrial and commercial households.

Similar to other countries in the world, China‘s development also faces the increasingly severe problem of resources and environment. China’s government has tried to make a new road of industrialization, which is featured by low material consumption, high scientific and technological content and good economic returns. China is adjusted to its industrial, product structure and enterprise organization structure. China use resources and environment protection to development economic directly. Second, it will change the attentive way of economic growth...
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