The Real Facts About Abortions

Topics: Abortion, Reproductive rights, Birth control Pages: 4 (1369 words) Published: March 27, 2013

Abortion is quite a controversial issue in today's government. Many of us refrain from even getting into a discussion over abortion, because it is such a sensitive topic. It is very unfortunate that so many women around the world have to make decisions involving abortion, period. “One in three women will have at least one abortion by the time she is 45, and these run the gamut of ages, races, backgrounds and beliefs.” (Welch) In one's eye abortion is simply immoral and unacceptable, while in another it is a typical procedure. Often, pro-abortionists are portrayed “ merciful and anti-abortionists as close-minded” (Olasky). As an outsider I interpret each group as one extreme to the other, and the purpose of this paper is to inform myself and the reader of both, pro-life and pro-choice sides and perspectives of abortion in the U.S.

Somebody that claims to be in favor of the Pro-Life policy is opposed to wrongful death and in favor of life-enhancing actions. The main argument of a pro-lifer is religious based beliefs. They argue that an abortion is immoral because, “...all life was created by God and belongs to Him, no one has the right to murder another human being.” (Cain) A person in favor of Pro-Life policy believes that having an abortion is a sin, but so is sex before marriage and half of the woman getting pregnant nowadays are not even out of high school. Does that mean that just because they decided to attempt to raise a baby at 15 that they have been forgiven for their original sin? No, either way they will be judged by those in favor of what is acceptable according to their religion. They even disagree on early abortions because they claim “ life begins at conception...” (Lowen). Anti-choice people “...want to outlaw abortion, regardless of the woman's situation” (The Problem). They don't see any exception for committing murder. Anti- Abortionists often compare abortions to Hitler and the concentration camps, “One out of every...
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