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Topics: Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Brandon Andrews
History 1302
September 23, 2012

My View on
“When the Cheering Stopped”

"When the Cheering Stopped: The Last Years of Woodrow Wilson" by Gene Smith presents the fascinating conclusion of Woodrow Wilson's career and life. Beginning with the brief backgrounds of Wilson and his second wife, Edith Galt, the bulk of the book is the true happenings of the Versailles Peace Conference, the fight for the League of Nations, and Wilson's horrible stroke and period as an invalid president. Much of this biography covers the devastating seventeen month period during which presidential leadership and action were lacking from the American government. After the death of his first wife, Ellen, Wilson met Edith Galt, a widow who immediately captured his eye and soon thereafter his affections. It took less than a year for Wilson to marry Edith. Their reciting of vows was the stuff of rumors, but, rejecting the advice that the wedding be delayed until after the 1916 elections, they married in December of 1915. I believe that Wilson’s new marriage was like a new hope to the nation. This courtship meant that Wilson had gotten his life back on track and, therefore, his duties as president would have better outcomes. A fresh start in one area of life can have an amazing effect on other aspects of life. With the coming of the Armistice, the newly married Wilsons traveled to Europe for the Peace Conference. He was greeted as a savior by the public; Wilson however, found the heads of the European government to be less admiring. They thought he was overestimating his ability as president. Wilson soon found himself in tough negotiations during which he achieved great successes and suffered equally great defeats. His dominant desires for the League of Nations forced him to compromise and cooperate on other issues in order to bring home the Covenant of the League. This was an amazing victory for Wilson as well as the United States. It would have allowed us to help...
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