The Proper Technique for Singing and Vocal Exercise

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  • Published : March 27, 2012
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The Proper Technique for Singing and Vocal Exercise
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience that vocals are important and involve in our daily life. Central Idea: Knowing the basics of vocal technique, vocal health, vocal exercises, and tips to improve on vocal quality.

I. Vocals are one of the most important parts when singing and even speaking, but other parts of the body are also to be engaged. They are defined as pertaining to the voice, but having the correct voice requires more skill than just the voice. A. Everyone can sing without knowing the proper vocal technique. B. It takes more than just the voice to be engaged.

II. I have knowledge about vocal and non-vocal techniques, and I did some more research for this speech. III. I would like to inform you about the basics of vocals, vocal health, vocal exercises and tips to improve and sing with vocal quality through techniques. Let’s start with the basis of vocals. Body

I. Singing is good for health, but that health needs to be sustained. A. In surveys of the Department of Music and Canterbury Christ Church University College, over 40% of people strongly agree that singing helps makes any mood positive and singing can be a moving experience for some. B. It is essential for a singer to take care of their overall health in order to preserve the singing quality of the voice. 1. Foods and drinks for good vocal health.

2. Foods and drinks to avoid.
II. Proper stance is also very important when it comes to singing. A.For better sound, relax and relieve stress throughout the entire body. 1. Stretch every muscle in the body.
B. Feet should be shoulder width apart.
III. Proper breathing is necessary for longer deration.
A.Breath through the diaphragm, the lower part of your stomach. B.Do not breath high, or through the chest. This causes too short of breath. IV. Proper sound and projection makes it easier for the singer to have more...
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