Demonstrative Speech Fitness Program

Topics: Muscle, Obesity, Nutrition Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: November 11, 2012
TOPIC: “Mission H.A.R.D. Body” My Exercise Program
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade my audience to perform my quick workout program for the amazingly fast and effective results CENTRAL IDEA: My workout program consist of a 15 minute morning and night exercise schedule, focuses on all the major muscle group areas, and includes a simple diet plan that leads to a lean, muscular, and sexy body, fast!

I. Fellas envision your self with a toned six-pack and muscular physic grabbing all the ladies attention while at the beach. II. Ladies envision yourself looking like this, and think of all the jealous and envious girls who will hate on you because every guy breaks their neck when they see you. III. Hi, my name is Pierre Earlington, and Today I will be talking about a simple diet and exercise program, that will get you in shape, healthy, and sexy as ever in no time. IV. I am an athlete and model that is currently studying to become a personal trainer and have learned the incredibly quick and easy secrets to a sexy and healthy body. V. I will first talk about…

a. The scheduling time to perform the workout,
b. Next I will describe the workout activities to be done, c. And finally I will explain a simple way of dieting to keep your body fatless and looking good. BODY
I. Many of us live extremely busy lives racing constantly against time and an increasing To-Do list that seems to never end, leading us to believe that we have no time to fit exercise in our schedule. a. What makes my exercise program so amazing is that it is broken down into two segments, Morning and night. Taking only 15 minutes in each segment, it can fit into anyone's schedule. i. You start by simply setting your alarm clock 15 minutes earlier than you normally awake in the morning ii. And going to bed 15 minutes later than you normally do at night 1. As soon as you awake in the...
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