How to Plan for a Listening and Speaking Lesson

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How to plan For a Listening Skill Lesson

Teacher | Observer | Date | Lesson number |
Class level Elementary| Number of students|

Timetable fit|
Previous lesson: Reading and speaking skillThis lesson: Listening and speaking skillNext lesson: Listening and speaking skill| for the teacher)|
* To provide an engaging lessons for students and improving their listening skill. * To monitor closely and make sure the lesson is successful.| Objectives (for the students)|
By the end of the lesson the students will: 1) Have practiced listening for gist of a radio program. 2) Have learnt the vocabulary related to professions/jobs.Language AnalysisForm Meaning PronunciationLexis in text Guess (v, present simple) supposeQuiz (n, sing) a test of knowledgeTeam (n, a group of playersUnemployed (v, past) Writer (n, sing)Guest (n, sing) a person who is invited to take part in a function by other personDepends (v, simple present) relyUniform (n, sing)Special qualifications (special= adjective, qualifications = noun, pl)A lot of (phrase) manyActor (n, sing) role player in drama or filmProfessional (adj) a person who has a professionFootballer (n, sing) who plays footballDo you work…?Where?When?How?Topic vocabularyJobs/professions| Assumed knowledge|

The students know about different professions like doctor, footballer, and artist. They also know the difference between profession and hobby. | Anticipated problems |
1) This is a radio program some students may not understand it. Students may want to repeat it. 2) Weaker student may not understand...
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