The Pressure of International Students

Topics: Student, Study abroad, Mental illness Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: March 25, 2012
With the development of globalization, higher education plays an increasingly important role in a country’s development. So more and more students, in order to get the better education choose to study abroad. Many people envy the students who can study in foreign country to get the advanced education. However, it is difficult to imagine the pressure of international students when they are studying abroad. Students’ pressure comes from different aspects, but three of the most important pressures including emotion, culture and study. It means international students will face emotional loneliness, culture shock and the burdensome learning task.

First, one of the reasons that students’ pressure appear is emotional loneliness. Before students’ departure, they usually feel very excited. Because they are full of curiosity about the life in a foreign country, and they have expectations to live alone. But when they really depart, there is a tremendous contrast from excitement and expectation to loss. A Chinese author has written a book about his student life in Canada. He described his feeling in that time: completely perplexed. When he arrived, he found a lot of things were not as he thought. In an unfamiliar environment, he must solve the problems alone. Because of the language barrier, he was afraid and confused. (Wang and Liu) A psychologist pointed out that many immigrants have mental problems, and international students’ reflection is more obvious. (Zhao) Because they are usually only one person living outside, they lack communication with their families so they will feel homesick. Students’ emotional loneliness will cause many problems. For example, a student from Changsha studied in Australia. When she arrived there, she couldn’t integrate into the community and had no contact with other people. Because she did not keep in touch with the outside world, eventually she had mental illness. (Yu) Therefore, not every student is able to withstand the torment of...
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