Annotated Bibliography for Psychology

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  • Published : November 4, 2008
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Annotated Bibliography for Psychology
Armstrong, Thomas. “The Extent of Childhood Attention Deficit Disorder Is Exaggerated.” Opposing Viewpoints: Mental Illness. ED. Tamara L. Roleff and Laura K. Egendorf. 2000. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Thomas Gale. NEMCC Lib., Booneville, MS. 24 Sept. 2008 . The viewpoint has eight pages with four sections and two further reading sections, one listing periodicals and the other listing books to find more information. In the following viewpoint, the author forms facts and opinions about the existence and prevalence of attention deficit disorder (ADD) which is characterized by over activity, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness. His tone is educational and also subjective. The article would be helpful to doctors treating ADD patients and concludes that the acceptance of ADD by the educational community is especially troublesome due to stigma.

Benner, Gregory J, Jill Allor, and Paul Mooney. “An Investigation of the Academic Processing Speed of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders Served in Public School Settings.” Education & Treatment of Children. Aug 2008: 307-332. Academic Search Premier. EBSCOHost. NEMCC Lib., Booneville, MS. 24 Sept. 2008 .

This article is twenty-six pages long and focuses on children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders (EBD). The authors use a cross-sectional design to investigate the percentage of K-12 students with EBD. The article is divided into six bold sections, and the style of writing is very formal. This is a good source for education and treatment of children.

“ Child Psychology.” The Concise Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science. 2004. Credo Reference. NEMCC Lib., Booneville, MS. 26 Sept. 2008 .
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