The Philippine Revolution

Topics: Philippines, Katipunan, Manila Pages: 3 (669 words) Published: March 18, 2013
The Philippine Revolution
1.The Revolution Begin=>After the discovery of the Katipunan, Bonifacio gathered his men in the hills of Balintawak. Balintawak was the first north of Manila which was then a secret meeting place of the Katipuneros. On August 26, 1896 the fiery Bonifacio stopped all the talking. He angrily tore his resident certificate ( cedula ). It was the symble of Spanish oppression of Filipinos.

2.Causes of the Revolution=>What was the Philippine Revolution of 1896? What were the causes behind it? 1.) The abuses of the Spanish official and priest.
2.) Persecution of Filipino leaders who defended the rights of their fellow countrymen. 3.) Filipinos desire to regain their independence.
4.) Discovery of the Katipunan and Bonifacio call for the Revolution.

3. First Battle of the Revolution=> The first battle of the revolution took place at the town of San Juan del Monte at dawn of Sunday. August 30, 1896. Bonifacio and some 1,000 Katipuneros attacked the Spanish arsenal at San Juan. Some 100 spanish and Filipino soldiers bravely resisted. It was the bloody and awful battle. The Filipinos were armed only with bolos, a few handmade guns (paltiks) old rifles, bamboo spears, and amulets (anting-anting)

4. Spread of the Revolution=> The Revolution quickly spread like wild fire in Southern Luzon. A few hours after the battle of Pinaglabanan, the Spanish Governor General. Ramon Blanco, declared a state of war in eight provinces: Manila, Bulacan, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Laguna, Cavite, and Batangas.

5. The Execution of Rizal and other martyrs=> The Spanish officials terrorized the Filipinos and executed many of their famous leaders. Many Filipinos patriots were arrested and put in prison at Fort Santiago. Many were tortured and shot by firing squad. About 1,000 Filipinos were exiled to Guam, Africa and other Spanish prison abroad. The famous martyr of the Philippines Revolution of 1896 was Dr. Jose Rizal. Rizal was allowed to leave...
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