Rizal Chapter 24

Topics: Katipunan, Philippines, Philippine Revolution Pages: 4 (1118 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Last Home Coming and Trial
* October 8, 1896- Rizal learned that the Madrid papers were full of stories regarding the revolutions in the Philippines and he was blamed from it. * October 11, 1896- Rizal’s diary was confiscated during his way to Port Said, his cabin was searched nothing significant was found. On November 11, 1896 his diary was returned. Unsuccessful Rescue in Singapore

* Dr. Antonio Ma. Regidor and Sixto Lopez dispatch telegrams to an English lawyer in Singapore named Hugh Fort to rescue Rizal when his arrive, by means of writ of habeas corpus * When the Spanish steamer arrived Atty. Fort instituted proceedings at the Singapore Court for the immediate removal of Rizal from the said steamer. * Chief Justice Loinel Cox denied the writ of habeas corpus on the ground because the steamer carry Spanish troops hence it is a warship of foreign power which under the international law was beyond the jurisdiction of Singapore Authorities Arrival in Manila

* November 3, 1896- Rizal arrived at Manila
* Spanish authorities gather evidence against Rizal while Deodato Arellano, Dr, Pio Valenzuela, Moises Salvador, Jose Dizon, Domingo Franco, Temoteo Paez, and Pedro Serrano Laktaw were brutally tortured to implicate Rizal * Rizal owned brother was also arrested and tortured but never said anything against his younger brother. First Investigation

* November 20, 1896- preliminary investigation was conducted. * Rizal as the accused appeared before Judge Advocate, Colonel Francisco Olive. He was subjected to a 5 day investigation, Rizal was informed about his charges and been given the chance to answer the questions they have on him though he was never permitted to confront those people who testified against him. * Two Evidences presented against him, namely documentary an d testimonial. Documentary Evidences:

* A letter from Antonio to Mariano Ponce dated Madrid October 16, 1888, showing Rizal connection with the Filipino...
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