The Law of Attraction

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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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The study on the Law of Attraction surrounds the issue concerning the concept that humans have the ability to draw wanted and unwanted objects into their lives through what is created by one’s thoughts and energy. To change a way of life, one must change his/her way of thought. The Law of Attraction proves to be the most powerful law in the universe, as is shown through the study of quantum physics and the relationship between the flow of energy into and out of the body. If humans learn to manifest the energies of the universe and one’s own being in a proper manner, we will be able to accomplish everything our hearts desire, according to the Law of Attraction. The study on the Law of Attraction proves the Law to be an active contributor towards improving quality of life, both in person and professional aspects. The Law of Attraction is the most powerful universal law. In theory, people are able to create their own reality through their thoughts (Hicks 9). This underlying concept leads to the misconception that the Law of Attraction doesn’t exist since it is human nature to be denied of certain wants. Many people believe that if we are really able to “create our own identity,” the human species would not fail in any aspect of life. However, the Law of Attraction claims that we attract both the things we want and don’t want through the force of our thoughts and the energy we give off into the universe (Losier 26). In order to properly explain the credibility of the Law of Attraction, famous scientists Einstein and Hawking convey the study of Quantum Physics, along with the M Theory and String Theory, as the scientific principle that suggests the concept in which thoughts become matter. The thoughts we create in our minds through electrical impulses are produced with the same source of energy that creates “everything from nothing” in the universe. Science researchers have studied brain waves and found a direct correlation between the...
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