Retracing Law of Attraction Through Islam

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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In 2006,a movie called "The Secret" was released.Made by Rhonda Byrne,the movie became an absolute success.The movie featured interviews from the best self help and personal development gurus.It changed the lives of millions around the world.After a few weeks,"The Secret" book was published which became a best seller.What the book and movie basically said was that all the world and universe works under Law of Attraction-You attract what you think about and feel about most.If you think about positive things and prosperity-you will attract that in your life.Like wise,if you think about negative things and scarcity and debt,you will attract that too.The universe corresponds according to the frequency of our thought and feelings -Yes,our thoughts and feelings do have a frequency.In other words,God,The universe,Allah(Whatever you like to call,for Muslims its Allah) acts and give us exactly what we desire.

Now if we look that concept in Islam,there are several similar things we find.

Another meaning of the first sentence,according to Islamic teachers,could be "I am what my servant expects me to be"

According to LOA,for great things to happen,you have to intend them,make them your desires and feel the feelings of having them now.!People don't do that.All they do is concentrate their energies on the negative stuff in their lives and what happens is that it keeps showing up over and over again.

Now here is an ayah that truly caught my attention in this regard.

“Man prays for evil just as he prays for good; and Man is ever hasty.”

How could be LOA better defined?People say they want good things to happen in their lives,but at the same time,they cling on to the negative things.They replay the movies of negative events in their lives over and over again and these events keep repeating themselves over and over again.They need to break the cycle by concentrating what they desire,not on what they don't want.Feeling bad because of some distressing event,will...
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