The Latest Windows Phone: Windows 8

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Marketing 301
Windows Phone

About the windows phone (via windows phone website)
Available on Telecom and Vodafone, advertising with Nokia and Samsung Phones * Similar look regardless of brand
* Only distinct similarity between the windows phones is the small icon on the lower front of the handset * Price range between $399 - $899
* Similar functions to the windows 8 on tablet
* Can install windows phone applications on Mac and PC
* “Install Zune software on your PC to shop for music and videos, sync media files with your phone and download phone updates” (PC only)

* Differentiation between the windows phone and other smart phones is the “People Hub” a one touch access to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Call, txt or IM contacts at one time or in a group. The “Me Card” gives the ability to post your status, change profile pics, check-up wall etc.”

* Xbox Live – try games before you buy, “buy and earn achievements that contribute to your gamer score”

* “Microsoft has managed to get one platform running on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones, the idea being that apps can be more easily ported from one to the next, promising "games we've never seen before" running on your phones” >
Windows Phone 8 Summit Notes:

3 principles
1. Windows phone a more personal experience, an expression of the user. “if you pick up a windows phone you are going to learn so much about their lives and their interests” 2. Experience on the phone is going to be most relevant to the user. The phone knows you. 3. Deliver the most connected experience we could, relying on the cloud to bring the users content to them as well as storing it back there for “peace of mind”. Birth of Metro.

Research customer response through amazon phone market place. User’s reviews and ratings 7 of the top 9 were windows phones....
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