Case Study: Are Electronic Medigoogle, Apple, and Microsoft Struggle for Your Internet Experience

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Management Information Systems – MIS 6013

Case Study 3

Google, Apple, and Microsoft struggle for your internet experience

October 21, 2012

Tarek El-khaled

Dr. Andrew Makar

Technological advances rule trends in the business world. Once upon a time, pigeons dominated the world of communication. Those who had the best breed of pigeons where the most efficient. Then came the postal system, the telegram, the faximile, and the landline which all represented major strides in the nineteen hundreds and covered the needs of direct communication between peoples and institutions. At the same time, to satisfy the need for knowledge such as for searching for information, other methods were available such as searching books and asking major information figures. Nonetheless, these information hunt methods are time intensive and incapable of meeting the needs of a fast paced life. The next big thing became the area of wireless communication with the advent of the cellphone which became the number one method of efficient reach. Finally came the internet. The internet companied both functions of communication and information and thus it transformed the concept of the business as usual into one that uses email and virtual search engines in place of more traditional methods. “The Internet has become the world’s most extensive, public communication system that now rivals the global telephone system in reach and range.” (C. Laudon & P. Laudon, 2010, P.259). Therefore, whoever dominated the internet has control over the century’s data access and communication. Apple, Google, and Microsoft had dominated the internet world each one with its business model and products. Microsoft had traditionally been the titans of PCs with its Windows operating systems, Come currently at version 8. Microsoft has been slow in catching up with more recent advances in the internet world that has expended to include mobile and other access behind computer hardware. The case study notes that Microsoft revenue from Smartphone hardware and software, mobile computing, cloud-based software application, its internet portal, and game machines and software is less than 5 percent of the company’s total revenue. Most of Microsoft total revenue is generated from the use of windows on 95% of the worlds 2 billion PCs. Therefore, Microsoft is invested in ensuring that PC apps continue to be in demand and competing with Google’s efforts to make the use of these programs via the internet. Google and Apple, on the other hand, have focused their efforts on mobile computing, attempting to transform all forms of communication and information search from PCs to portable small devices that can access the internet as well as serve phone needs. Google began as a search company, but the effectiveness of its search algorithm as well as their online advertising services and their ability to attract the best minds in the industry tremendously helped Google to become one of the most successful companies in the world and one of the best to work for. Apple built its business model around the iTunes platform, originally starting with music downloads via iPods. Then, Apple devised the iPhone and iPad which were integrated with the iTunes to allow for applications download. Along with the iMac, Apple products have earned a loyal customer base that seems to be willing and hoping to buy Apple future products that combine productivity and style, regardless of efficiency or reliability. By far, the company’s largest strength is the marketability of its products and the business strategy of keeping demand high and supply low. Thus, Apple succeeded where everyone else failed to delve by creating cool, stylish products that everyone else in the market want to copy. Google’s operating system Android OS and Apple’s IOS dominated the mobile world. At one point, the two...
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