The Labor Force Effect on Human Resource Management

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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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The Labor Force Effect on Human Resource Management
Roderrick Oliver
Belhaven University

The labor force is affected by human resource management and how it’s going to change in the years to come. According to Bateman & Snell, human resources management is the formal systems for the management of people within an organization. This is where managers plan, coordinate, and coordinate the administrative functions in the organization. There are a few challenges that organizations are beginning to face with managing the changing workforce. Often times it takes some strategic evaluation to know how to adjust and respond to the drastically changing society. Let’s discuss some of the changes that’ll affect human resources management over the next decade.

There are many trends that have changed and will continue to change how the labor force is managed. Attracting older workers and universal health care are just a two trends that I’ll discuss. There are several men and women in today’s society that are working and performing efficiently at jobs known by the society as the opposite sex career. For example, men are taking on women jobs such as nursing, teaching, and cosmetology, and women are accepting men jobs such as manufacturing and mechanics. Women now are becoming more educated than men and are securing jobs that men usually would exemplify stronger leadership. Men recently have to work harder to prove its sovereignty over jobs that were primarily for the male gender and vice versa for the women applying to a male job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over the next 17 years, the number of workers in the United States age 55 and above will increase by about 80% to over 33 million. The workforce is aging and has been for the past 10 years. Many companies will have to start thinking about what older workers are seeking and how to accommodate their needs while at work and away from work. The marketing strategy used for older workers has...
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