Mgt/230 Organizational Structure Paper

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  • Published : April 1, 2012
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Organizational Structure Paper
Jody Denton
November 6, 2011
Dr. Matasha Murrell Jones

Organizational Structure Paper
The temperature outside is 30 degrees and the predicted weather for the next week will continue to drop below freezing. When Jane wakes up in the morning without any heat, she weighs her options and sets out to call the gas company to get her service reconnected. Jane is advised by the customer service representative that in order to get her service turned on she would need to pay her past due bill of $1,200. Upon the news, Jane advises that she has children in the home and demands the service to be reconnected. Once again, the customer service representative advises Jane that she would need to pay her past due amount. Jane continues to explain her situation and that she is unable to pay the bill. Based on the date and Jane’s statement that she was unable to pay the bill, the customer service representative then offers a payment arrangement for 1/12 the balance, reconnection fees, and ¼ of the deposit in order to reconnect services. The amount Jane has to pay is $175.00 to get services tuned on. Once Jane makes the payment, the gas company will be required to turn on services. Energy supplying organizations like Oneok have to abide by rules and regulations from the Kansas Corporation Commission. These guidelines may not always be profitable or support a business outline, but they are necessary to abide by. Oneok’s organizational structure helps determine the responsibility for actions as it pertains to the utility company. Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of Oneok is interesting because it is both functional and divisional. The organization is broke down into 5 divisional sections. The divisional sections are Texas Gas Service, Oklahoma Natural Gas, and Kansas Gas services; in addition the other two divisions are Oneok Energy and Oneok partners. The divisions are simply divided by their geographical...
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