The Interview with a Ms.Brown, Elderly Person

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  • Published : March 19, 2011
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The purpose of this report is to investigate the life of Ms. Rose Brown, my neighbor from the second floor. She is 67 years-old, and leaves by herself. With this report, I intend to learn about her life condition and, as well suggest and inform her ways to improve her life. After spending two afternoons interviewing Ms. Brown, I gained some knowledge on how she perceives the aging process and the impact on the quality of her life. Firstly, she assured me tha,t she views aging in a very positive and healthy way. She believes that, a positive attitude and assists in accepting oneself and the physical and psychological changes. She enjoys the fact that, she is physically fit and cognitively alert. She is positively sure that with the advances made in a health care, the quality of her life will be granted. Also, she enjoys the benefits of being a senior citizen, including discounted travel and fares, lower cost Medicare. Over all, the spare time to do what she loves. However, when I mention about a long term care, such as Nursing home, if for any instance she ever considered going to a nursing home for a better assistance; she paused for a moment, as if was something that made her really sad. She replied that, she has no regards on going to a nursing home, in her opinion, nursing home is a place where she would feel isolated of the world and her closed friends. Most important, she would feel useless, being in a place that people would do everything for her. Secondly, she is afraid to be neglected and mistreated. Many times she asked herself, will I be happy? Will I be alone or surrounded with happy people? Will I be cared? I also shared with Ms. Brown about different topics concerning elderly, in particular, Ageism, social network, Caregiving. I countries like , Mexico, where grandparents form a constituent part in a family, the United States has seen a major shift away from this reality. On my second interview with Ms. Brown, I decided to bring my...