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McDonaldization of Assisted Living Facilities
Sociology 101
November 18th, 2012

McDonaldization of Assisted Living Facilities
The demand for living facilities is increasing dramatically today due to the aging population. The rationalization of living facilities has influenced successful living for seniors around the world. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the mcdonaldization of living facilities. This paper will discuss efficiency, calculability, control, predictability and non-human technologies, as well as why it is important to maintain a high professional system. Efficiency makes tasks simple for seniors; it allows them to do things more individually. Assisting seniors with personal care is essential, there are many seniors that staff members have to assist in one day, and calculability will help give an understanding of quantity over quality.. In addition it is important to be able to predict things that may occur, having set plans will avoid undesirable situations. Control plays a crucial part in the success of living facilities, having set plans helps regulate daily routines. With the advance of non-human technologies over the last few years helps simplify the lives of both seniors and staff members. These factors all play a large role in living facilities; by exploring each of these topics more discreetly will allow a better understanding on the development of rationalization in this area. Efficiency

Efficiency has such a large aspect of what is effective and what and is not. Constructing daily routines with simple tasks makes life simpler for seniors. The construction of daily routines is effective because it helps seniors achieve their basic needs by themselves. By helping seniors achieve their basics needs on their own gives a sense of achievement and a sense of empowerment and allows them to feel a less role strain (Johnson, 1995). There are many things that help seniors cope with daily routines, blister packs help them take their own medication without confusion, toilets seats are raised so it is easier for sitting and getting up. Railings around the buildings also is efficient because it helps with support them while walking from one place to another, hallways are wide which enables motorized wheelchairs to fit easily, home if free of hazards, these are all factors that need to be assessed while choosing a home. The more efficient the living facilities are, the more applications are being submitted to live there. Allowing seniors to be independent is efficient for both seniors and staff. Seniors are able to take care of themselves with little help; they can feel better about themselves as they grow older and this may avoid depression. The staff members can focus on getting other jobs done around the work place rather than helping them with the simple things such as cooking, laundry and housekeeping (Jenkins, 2012). The administrator of the home plays a huge role in efficiency as well, the government needs to hire someone who is caring but also know rules and limits to what is right and wrong (Fox, 1982). Being able to deal with stubborn people is a hard role that everyone has to get though, some people have a hard time accepting they need to be in assisted living homes. However, a living facility is what you make it (Fox, 1982). Calcuability

When assisting seniors, quantity and quality are both important factors to be considered. Calculability suggests that quantity is more significant than quality (Ritzer, 1996), although it is important to assist everyone during the nurses shift, and it should be done with precision and care. Building a friendly relationship with the seniors is important to make them feel like they are at home. Communication plays a large role in calculability, being able to communicate with the resident is both important and beneficial. It may be hard to pick and choose whether or not you are going to stay and chat, however silence may result in depression of aging and...
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