A Different Shade of Gray

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Reid Jackson
Dr. Kathryn Williams
A Different Shade of Gray

The basis for chosing this study over middle age people in the inner city was simply because I have found myself living amongst this population and have personal connections with those who have overcome hardships, and those who are trying to dig themselves out of the hole. The area in which I live in is poverty stricken, filled with broken homes as well as broken people who are feeling the reprocutions of past generations. These individuals are of low social economic status and live paycheck to paycheck, trying with great difficulty to meet the needs in which they must survive. Drugs and alcohol have corrupted many families in this area, causing friction and struggles to arise. I have witnessed this struggle and feel a great compassion for the impoverished and unsatisfied people of this location. In relation, Katherine S. Newmans's book entitled "A Different Shade of Gray," describes a group of individuals, living in relatively similar circumstances, at a point in life where they are faced with many decisions about family, work, and how their situations effect them from midlife and beyond. This paper's aim is to describe a general overview of the book entitled "A Different Shade of Gray" by Katherine Newman, as well as briefly discussing the difficulty of growing old for different groups of people.

This intriguing study begins like an other great work by describing the main contrasting factor, white fortune. Katherine Newman states that "older Americans have the highest rate of home ownership if any age group in the country," meaning that many individuals aging from midlife and beyond seemingly have set themselves up for success in their later years (pg. 1)." This fortune is primarily concentrated in the white population, but the minority groups have also shared in this success as well; by "the successes of affirmative action in the private sector and unparalled period of economic expansion in...
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