The Internet Changed Everything

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The Internet Changed Everything

The internet is a worldwide way to exchange information and communicate with others through a series of interconnected computers. Day by day we see ourselves changing due to new technological advances. The internet makes our technology more exciting and more interesting. With the use of the internet now available on mobile and home phones, tablets, gaming consoles, digital televisions, laptops, notebooks and pcs we are turning to the internet more than ever. Many people say ‘the internet has changed the world’ and I agree with them now more than ever.

Prior to the internet and still today we have problems storing data because our hard drives can only hold so much data. Instead of storing information to our computer’s hard drive or another local storage device the internet has given us the option to save data to a remote database as it provides the connection between the database and our computers. Cloud Storage lets you access your data everywhere, this saves time and money. Cloud storage is available 24hrs and you can share your data with numerous people. Cloud data has made accessing information on the go considerably easier and quicker than previous methods

The internet has changed the way we send mail dramatically. We no longer need to write a letter, send it via mail and wait for a reply. We can now send Electronic mail, also known as e-mail. We just log on to websites such as Hotmail, type up the letter, hit send and the receiver instantly receives the email. Businesses have also started using email so they can get faster responses to the matter at hand. Although many people like to receive a hand written letter, most people now choose to use their e-mail for the convenience and speed it provides.

Meeting new people has changed since the invention of the internet, chat rooms and social networking sites have changed the way we communicate. We no longer have to leave the house to meet new people as we can do so in the comfort of our own homes. Websites such as Facebook are designed to share information about ourselves by displaying our profile to the public. People just need to click a button to instantly become our ‘friend’. Social Networking is quite popular at the moment so many businesses are choosing to advertise on these networks. Facebook has ‘Personalised advertising’, this is when the internet tracks what you have been looking at online and displays advertisements related to your interests. This type of advertisement has a high success rate because the advertisers are advertising to people who are interested in the product or service.

Chat rooms are hardly new; they have been around since the 1960’s but as technology advances chat rooms are coming up with new ways for us to interact with each other e.g. we are now able to speak to more people in the same conversation and we have the opportunity to see who we are speaking to face to face via a webcam. We no longer need to leave the house to date, there are websites dedicated to online dating, this is becoming quite popular because lots of people don’t have the time to go out and meet new people and they can do this at work or at home. Companies are also going the one step further by providing the online dater with a list of people they are most compatible with so they do not have to do the hard work of finding someone themselves. Abbreviations have been created for social networking, chat rooms and instant messaging so that we type faster and we can find ourselves starting to use these abbreviations when we are talking face to face with people. Using these abbreviations is leading us towards decreasing cultural and language differences as we are all starting to talk similarly.

Video-Calling and Video Conferencing provides us with the opportunity to send video messages and have video calls online when the person you wish to speak with is also on the internet. This just requires a webcam and a program such as...
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