Internet Technology: Biggest Technological Change in the 20th Century

Topics: Internet, Technology, History of the Internet Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: March 26, 2008
The internet technology has become one of the most important forms of technology there is. It has come a long way from a research project funded by the American Department of Defense called ARPAnet, designed as a back-up system that could withstand a nuclear attack: if a bomb fell on part of it, the rest should keep working. One could never imagine a world without the internet, where information is just within your fingers. You can find anything from phone numbers to the scientific name of the zebra with just a few strokes on the keyboard.

Information in this day and age has become a very valuable piece of commodity. It is power and whoever holds that power could rule the world. All aspects of our lives are in one way or another is affected by the internet. Marjory Blumenthal (2005) says the internet is everywhere. “The daily news chronicles its advance on the economy; social, civic, and personal activities can be increasingly pursued online”. It has been known that more than two-thirds of people in the United States have access to the Internet and about half of the population has high-speed connections known as broadband. The difference that internet technology has given us is very evident in education. Information can easily be accessed by a student who needs to know about a certain topic. Educational tools for those who have learning disabilities have improved through the availability of research and instructional tools for special education teachers. These can be easily updated and streamed down to anybody who needs them. Even memoranda and policies regarding education can be sent easily through email. Also, it is now standard practice for students to submit term papers through email.

The internet as a technological innovation is also a very dominant factor in the economic and social scene. “No longer is the consumer passively watching the evening news or reading the newspaper, previously popular choices for getting information” (Crafton, 32). Crafton...
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