Is the Internet – a Blessing or a Bane? Discuss

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Is the Internet – a blessing or a bane? Discuss

In this current era, internet plays a very important role in our society. Yet what is internet? Internet can be defined as a tool that able to link together all the people around the world, or we can also say that internet is a global network connecting millions of computers from different countries all over the world. Furthermore, in this high-tech society, the computer is no longer an advocate of the internet; we can also surf internet by using mobile phone as well. In addition, we can found the internet access point at almost all the places such as in shopping malls, Starbucks Cafe, KFC Restaurant and etc. Internet is a great assistant in our life; it creates a lot of convenience for us and helps us to save up a lot time and cost. In the light of an investigation report on the internet usage stats in Malaysia, the users of internet has increased from 0.15% of population in the year 1995 to 64.6% of population in the year 2010. The report stated that people depend on internet are increasing with each passing day. Additionally, according to Dr Fadhlullah Suhaimi Abdul Malek, the General Manager of Strategic Development Division of Telekom Malaysia (TM) Bhd, the number of internet users in Malaysia is estimated to arrive at the 10 million mark in the future five years (Internet World Stats, 2012). Consequently, the internet is already deep-rooted in almost everyone’s life and it is an indispensable tool in current society. But, is the internet – a blessing or bane? There are always two sides of a coin, in which internet can be bane and boon at the same time. It can benefit people yet if people misuse the internet, it can also destroy people. Foremost in focus, internet makes our life easier. According to Bodden, V (2008), some people called the internet as the “information superhighway”, owing to the fact that it assists people in searching and getting information easily and faster. In the past, it is...
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