The Influence of Media on Teenage Girls

Topics: Adolescence, Puberty, Popular culture Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: June 11, 2012

Right now, your thesis statement is a run-on sentence. Simple fix: make it two sentences. Good outline.

In a continuous changing world, where modern technology has a huge impact in everyone’s life, the popular culture’s power to shape teenage girls perception of what it means to be female and feminine could present various concerns, electronic and written media-be it television, computers, magazines, publicity banners or music-are playing a major role in the lives of adolescent females.

I. The popular culture is a pervasive and omnipresent entity in the lives of young people. II. Adolescence is a confusing and insecure time for young adults. III. Teenagers strive to feel like they are part of, and that they are accepted by, a community. IV. The media presents, enforces and maintain the perception that ultra thin, non-average body forms should be the desired goal of all women. V. Sexual content on television has increased in the past decade considerably, depicting women as sexual objects. VI. Parents and teachers need to take an active role in helping adolescents understand and interpret the messages portrayed in the media.

The popular culture is a pervasive and omnipresent entity in the lives of young people. It is not a secret that the media has become one of the most important aspects in the lives of America’s teenagers. Teens from all over United States use the media on daily basis. Whether it’s using a computer, watching TV, reading a newspaper, talking on the phone or listening to the radio, media is a way to communicate. A study conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation shows that daily media usage among children and teens rises dramatically from five years ago. The big increase in mobile media (laptops, tablets and smartphones) drive increased consumption. In our days, 8-18 year-olds devote an average of 7 hours and 38 minutes to using a typical day (more than 53 hours a...
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