Impact of Internet on Modern Youth

Topics: Youth, Culture, Childhood Pages: 5 (1631 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Impact Of Internet On Modern Youth
The content of the current media culture is often blind to a young person’s cultural,economic and educational background. The concept of a media culture has evolvedowing to the increased volume, variety and importance of mediated signs and messagesand the interplay of interlaced meanings. In the world of young people, the media are saturated by popular culture and penetrate politics, the economy, leisuretime and education. At present, the global media culture is a pedagogic force that has the potential to exceed the achievements of institutionalized forms of education. As Henry Giroux puts it:“With the rise of new media technologies and the global reach of the highly concentrated culture industries, the scope and impact of the educational force of culture in shaping and refiguring all aspects of daily life appear unprecedented. Yet the current debates have generally ignored the powerful pedagogical influence of popular culture ,along with the implications it has for shaping curricula, questioning notions of high-status knowledge, and redefining the relationship between the culture of schooling and the cultures of everyday life.” 6The concept of media culture encompasses not simply symbolic combinations of immaterial signs or capricious currents of old and new meanings, but an entire way of life7 in which images, signs, texts and other audio-visual representations are connected with the real fabric of material realities, symbols and artificialities.8Media culture is pervasive; its messages are an important part of the everyday lives of young people, and their daily activities are structured around media use. The stories and images in the media become important tools for identity construction. A pop star provides a model for clothing and other style choices, and language used by a cartoon character becomes a key factor in the street credibility of young people. Under the present circumstances, there are few places left in the world where one might escape the messages and meanings embedded in the televised media culture. In a mediated culture, it can be difficult for young people to discern whose representations are closest to the truth, which representations to believe, and which images matter. This is partly because the emergence of digitalized communication and the commoditization of culture have significantly altered the conditions under which life and culture are experienced. Many are still attached to the romantic image of organic communities in which people converse with one another face-to-face and livein a close-knit local environment. Digital communication is gradually undermining this traditional approach:“Most of the ways in which we make meanings, most of our communications to other people, are not directly human and expressive, but interactions in one way or another worked through commodities and commodity relations: TV, radio, film, magazines, music, commercial dance, style, fashion, commercial leisure venues. These are major realignments.” 9In the world of young people, the media culture may be characterized primarilyin terms of three distinct considerations. First, it is produced and reproduced bydiverse ICT sources. It is therefore imperative to replace the teaching of knowledgeand skills central to agrarian and industrial societies with education in digital literacy.A similar point is made by Douglas Kellner, who contends that in a media culture it isimportant to learn multiple ways of interacting with social reality.10 Children and young people must be provided with opportunities to acquire skills in multiple literacies to enable them to develop their identities, social relationships and communities, whether material, virtual, or a combination of the two.Second, the media culture of youth extends beyond signs and symbols, manifestingitself in young people’s...
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