Speech on Teenagers

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Television Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: September 1, 2012
Good afternoon everyone,
.  As you all know I am here to discuss one of the most important aspects about how the media impact on teenager’s life.

Media is everywhere. Media is an Inseparable part of most on teenager’s life and it can have a huge impact on teenager’s life. It is the one of the most common ways to communicate in the world, especially through the technological media for example TV, cell phones, internet etc. it can have both positive and negative impact on them. Today’s modern society is surrounded by media which is an essential part of teenager’s life and can be very useful depending on the way teenagers use it.

In general the average of the teenagers consumes 4hrs of the media in a day and when it comes to their children’s, 35% of the parents’ experiences difficulties monitoring for example: internet, mobile phones use, video and computer games playing and television viewing. On the average most teenagers spend 2hrs watching TV and almost 91% of Australian families have the internet at home and 76% have the broadband connection. The average teenagers spend 1 and half an hour on the internet each day. Social networking sites are visited by 28% of Australian aged 12to14.this rises to 44% for those aged 15to17.

Three quarters of young Australians aged 12to14 and 90% of aged 15to17 have their own mobile phones. Teenagers aged 12to17 used 71% of their total time on mobile phones texting. The remaining 29% is used on voice calls.

Benefits: internet or media allows teens to accomplish online many of the tasks that are important to them. Staying connected with family and friends, making new friends, sharing pictures and exchanging ideas. It can also offer teens deeper benefits that extend into their view of self, community and the world including for example opportunities for community engagement through raising money for charity. TV and newspaper can also improve the reading skills and it helps teens to understanding the issues related to...
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