Music: and Society Today: Ear Candy or Behavior Modification

Topics: Music, Gospel music, Personal life Pages: 4 (1500 words) Published: October 10, 2011
Music and Society Today: Ear Candy or Behavior Modification
From the rhythm of the beat flowing through your body or the lyrics having such influential power it affects one’s behavior, attire and figure of speech. As there is no true way to avoid it, the thought that would arise is the values portrayed in mass media. In this particular paper, the researcher looked further into the different types of music and the different groups in society that listen to them. On the opposing side, opinions stand strong debating music as simply an ear candy to the millions of listeners who relate to the flowing notes and rhythmic words as a luxury to one’s inner self. As the researcher inspects how others portray music and the effects it might have in one’s life through newspaper articles to books that include years of research to back up their beliefs that music affects society in many different ways rather than just a form of pleasure.

Music is all around us as we go throughout each day. Whether it be the classical tune as the elevator takes you to your floor desired or the loud blast of a rock concert as each and every person screams with excitement. You might say music is there rather we consciously chose for it to be or not. When you think back to your youth, there is always some particular tune or musical lyrics that you will never be able to forget. Perhaps this tune or lyric is associated with a memory that is very special to you or perhaps even a traumatizing moment that is too scary to forget. Regardless what the case may be, the thought remains if the music at mind actually affected your life or was it just a detail in a memory. As the researcher began to look for evidence to support whether or not these accusations was in fact accurate, there was unlimited articles where people had very different opinions. In one particular article, research discovered a non-profit organization called “Justice through Music” (Leibel, 2004). This particular group was...
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