The Indian Culture- Informative Speech

Topics: India, Curry, Indian cuisine Pages: 4 (959 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Lebanese American University
Byblos, Lebanon

Fundamentals of Oral Communication

Name: Amar Al Bakkar
ID#: 201101998
Email Address:
Tel: 03/925225
Instructor: Mrs. Therese Nasrallah

Date of Presentation: July 2, 2012

General Purpose: To inform

Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the Indian culture's diversity

Central Idea: India is a fascinating country with diverse traditions related to their language, their costumes, and their cuisine.

Organization: Topical Order

Visual Aids: Power Point Presentation

Audience: University colleagues especially those interested in travelling or in improving their knowledge about cultural diversity.


I. “Namaste.”
A. Does anyone understand what I said?
B. I greeted you in Indian. The same word can also be used to say good-bye. C. Have you ever been watching T.V. and found documentary on the Indian culture on the discovery channel? Do you just skip it because you are not interested in other cultures? If you do so then you have missed a lot of interesting information about this fascinating culture.

II. Similarly to the way Indians can use one word in a variety of meanings, the diversity of life is a hallmark of the Indian culture.

III. As a university student interested in cultural diversity, and after conducting extensive research,

IV. I would like to open your eyes on another part of the world and share with you a glimpse of India's diversity of life by looking at its languages, its costumes, and its cuisines.

(Transition: Let’s start with Indian languages)

I. India is distinguished by a large linguistic diversity. A) First, there are languages considered as majors such as : 1. Hindi which is a main language spoken by almost 40% of the Indian population. The word I started my speech with...
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